The Fulfillment Of God's Word (3 Ways To Aide Your Belief)


Most times when we believe in something it is because we have seen it done before. Or we at least have an inkling that it will work out the way that we want it to work out. But what about the things that we have no tangible evidence showing it will work out? What about the times when God only gives us a word, and we must make a decision to believe it or to dismiss it?

The truth is there are more times than not that God will require us to trust him with only a word. We can ask for confirmation, and he will give it to us, however after so much confirmation we are to make a decision. Will we choose to believe the word that God has given? Or will we allow our doubt to seep in and rob us of the promise that God has wrapped up in that word?In Matthew 27-28 we get the brutal and gruesome details of Jesus’s crucifixion. Yet there are a few parts of chapter 28 that stood out to me in regards to his followers. Mary of Magdalene and Mary decide to sit outside of Jesus’s tomb after his body has been wrapped and swaddled.  The bible says that they sat across from his tomb and watched. What would they have been watching for if Jesus was already dead?

They were watching for the manifestation of his word.

They were watching for him to be risen in 3 days just like he said he would.

Some may say that they were only sitting across from his tomb because they were mourning his death. While I believe that is true to a degree I also believe that they were waiting for their Lord and Savior to be resurrected.

The whole town was talking about it.

Everyone had heard that Jesus said he would be risen after three days.

Many even mocked him about it.

Some believed him while others did not.

Those that did not hired men to guard his tomb.

Then an angel of the Lord appears on the third day. To let Mary and Mary who had stopped by again know that Jesus was in fact risen. The angel did not address the guards who were there.

Only the women who were waiting on Jesus.

Their belief is what allowed them to bear witness to his resurrection and the miracles that followed.

What about those that disbelieved?

Well as for the guards and those that had hired them, they changed their narrative to say that Jesus’s disciples had taken his body out of the tomb to make it appear as though he did not fulfill his word. They changed their narrative to help themselves sleep better at night. Because the truth was they had believed a little too late. They had the opportunity to believe just like Mary and Mary and many others. Yet those chose to harden their hearts. Once their doubt had robbed them of the many blessings and miracles they could have seen take place, they chose to not only continue to lie to themselves, but to everyone else around them.

How do we not end up like the those who disbelieved? How do we gain the access to watch God fulfill his word? Here are three things we can do to when we feel ourselves doubt God’s word:

1. Reflect- When we can reflect on everything that God has done in the past we will see that he has an awesome track record. When we are able to see his track record we see that what we are trying to believe him for is nothing outside of the realm of the what he has already done!

2. Profess: If you feel yourself speaking doubt, it’s time to combat it with the word. If you are struggling with let’s say fear than you would profess “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) The best thing we can do is to combat our thoughts and feelings (our others thoughts, and words) about what God is capable of doing in our lives with the word. It IS our weapon! The more time we spend in it the easier it becomes to profess It over our situation.

3. Wait- This may be the hardest of all three steps because it requires us to give God the keys and take the passenger seat. Waiting is the ultimate form of trust. But HOW we wait says a lot. Are we biting nails and having panic attacks? Or are we choosing to believe that despite what it looks like God will fulfill every word he has spoken? Just like Mary and Mary waited, even though it looked like the odds were against what their hearts were set on believing they did wait. They were also rewarded for their willingness to wait. Our willingness to wait for God is what makes us eligible for what he has for us.

I hope that this short example shows you just how important it is to not allow doubt to seep in and rob you of what God has in store for your life. Every word that he has spoken will come to pass, whether it looks like it will or not. Wouldn't it be better to believe even though the odds seem against you then to doubt and realize that you cheated yourself of a life changing opportunity? The choice is and always will be ours.


How To Surrender To God ( 3 Key Points)

Once upon a time I started my business as a speaker. All was well. I had a plan, I had a flow, and I had everything worked out in my mind in how I wanted it to go. Things really were awesome! I met so many amazing women, and had a lot of opportunities come my way that changed me and my life, for the good. I enjoyed what I was doing and was satisfied with where I thought I was headed but deep down inside I knew I was avoiding allowing God to take complete control of my life. One day I became brave enough to utter these words in a prayer “ God please bring me into full alignment with your will for my life. Please have your perfect way with my business and every other aspect of my life.”


 You may be wondering what happened next. Well let me tell you! God answered my prayer all right! In a way that I never imagined. My idea of what it meant to be aligned was completely different than God’s vision of alignment for me. Alignment has led me to some very new and interesting territory. It’s led me to do things I never thought I would do. It’s led me to walk away from ways of thinking, acting, and people I once associated with. It’s also led me to make a decision on whether  I really wanted to be in alignment, or if I would rather go back to the life I had before I uttered those words. Yes, getting into alignment can be a very uncomfortable process because we are giving God permission to come in and clean house! Even though it has been an uncomfortable process and at times a tad bit scary, there is so much good that I cannot even begin to tell you!

I’ve found new parts of me that I never knew existed because they were so smothered under all of the things about me that I thought were true. I’ve been challenged into doing things in a new way, and allowing God to lead ALL the way. My business has completely shifted gears, my responsibilities have changed, my whole life is changing before my very eyes. There are many moments where I feel unqualified for this new chapter of my life, and there are moments where I’m so excited I can jump over the moon. At the end of the day all roads lead back to God.  I never knew how deeply things would change when I prayed this simple prayer. I just knew that I wanted change.

Now enough about me! Let’s talk about how this can apply to you! Lets look at Proverbs 16:3

Proverbs 16-3 (ESV )- Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established..png


This let us know that plans made on our own are futile. We can say what we want, make plans to do it, and be as strategic as we like, but unless we surrender our plans to God we are just blowing a bunch of hot air. This doesn’t mean that what we are trying to do is not good, it just means that without God establishing that plan himself, our efforts are in vain. It took me a long time to realize how limited my vision was without God’s plan involved. My own plan stemmed from a place of what success meant to me, and the best way I thought I could get there. God’s plan was so different than what I had in mind. However it has been the most fulfilling, way I could ever take. There’s something so powerful about knowing that God is literally in control all the way, and that I don’t have to make what I am doing successful because he has already ordained it to be so. Success is what God specializes in!

So if you are ready to take that leap and surrender your plans over to God let’s get started! Here are 3 ways to give it over to God!

1.   Let go of what you think is the “right” way- The world has gotten us messed up yall! When we look at social media and how people are hitting the jackpot left and right it makes us feel like we need to get up and do something, immediately! It also causes us to look at God like “Lord, where you at?!” We must learn that God’s road is the road less traveled, and the road less glorified here on earth. His way may take longer, and it may require some sleepless nights, some ugly cries, and some serious soul searching. But you can bet your bottom dollar that his way is without a shadow of a doubt the most effective!

2.   Stop all that doubting- It’s one thing to give your plans over to God and ask for him to take the wheel, its another thing to trust that he really has you! When we doubt it does not motivate God to move, in fact it really gets on his nerves. Doubt and fear is by far our worst enemy when it comes to our faith walk. It’s the thing that caused Peter to start sinking when he was walking on water. How can one go from walking on water to sinking? DOUBT! Let’s not allow doubt to cancel out all the good that God can do. In fact let’s tell it to have several seats!

3.   Do it, even it you don’t understand- When we surrender our will for God’s will it may lead us to some situations where we are required to do things that make us really really uncomfortable. We may even go as far as to say “What is the point of this God?” We must remember that God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts, therefore certain things we are asked to do may not make sense from our perspective but in God’s eyes they need to be done to get us where he has designated us to be. The best thing we can do is to trust God that he knows best, and choose to do it anyways! Who knows we may learn a thing or two in the process 

When it all comes down to it we must remember that the process of surrender is not easy, but it is well worth the momentary discomforts. When we find ourselves having a low moment let us always remember that God wants good for us, and that he has plans to exceed our wildest expectations, but to get to that place requires our surrender. It will all be worth it!